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Rolemaster: Creature Perception


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I'm not sure you'll find many RoleMaster experts on this forum. While there are lots of D100 lovers here, they prefer rolling low to rolling high. :D

As for your question, my RM books are far away from me, and I didn't read them in a long time... Isn't there a skill (whose rank you could extrapolate based on creature level) and a stat (or combination of stats, depending on edition) tied to perception ?

My guess is the answer is not even the same for every edition of RoleMaster. I'm quite confident that's how it would work for HARP, though, if you consider it a RoleMaster edition...

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I just had a quick look in my Rolemaster FRP rules. The Creatures and Treasures book doesn't give perception skills to basic monsters. For humanoid/sentient creatures you create them like Human NPCs, apply the racial stat modifiers, and give them Observation and Alertness skills under the Awareness category.

If the party is in the wilderness then they roll avoidance rolls to see if they encounter creatures rather than rolling to see if a creature spots them so no skill is used.

It's not very clear. When I ran Rolemaster I'd take the BRP approach and give the creatures the appropriate skills based on what type of creature they were, which is not covered in the rules, but made it easier for me.

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