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What did you learn at the Impromptu Con?

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We will try to post it on brpcentral as well. If you can't find the link you can always email todd-at-chaosium-dot-com.

I don't think the link will be available more than a day or two ahead of time. We're still figuring out when and what. Current thinking is the weekend of Feb. 27, probably on Saturday, but also maybe having some things on Sunday. 

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On 1/11/2021 at 7:55 PM, Rick Meints said:

... but we are largely out of the business of answering "when" questions until a product has gone to final layout ...

 Nonsense, man!

Chaosium has a perfectly-correct stock answer, I've seen you folks use it repeatedly:  "It will be ready when it's ready."    😇

(I realize, of course, that it's is almost as frustrating to the fan asking, as having no answer at all...  <shrug> but that's life in publishing (and in the fandom), hmmm?)


May I humbly suggest however, that one thing you might offer in such cases is a sense of the  prioritization  happening at Chaosium:


Regarding projects X, Y and Z:  for the past few weeks, <project X> has gotten much of our attention, and <project Y> most of the rest; <project Z> is waiting on several pieces of art.  Some time in the next week or two, we hope to give <project Z> much more time.  We had previously projected X then Y then Z as the order of release, but Z is kind of racing up the schedule, and may well beat Y, and even challenge X for first out the door!  But no guarantees, that's just today's report from the handicappers.  Bets placed tomorrow may have totally different odds.

No promises as to WHEN, you'll note, but a sense of where the otherwise-opaque blackbox that is Chaosium is putting their effort (at the moment).

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On 1/10/2021 at 12:57 PM, Bill the barbarian said:

Finally learned how to use Discord! And was able to help others, so not bad. Sorry you missed, RB.

It was great to see you around !!!

And the big news for the day... US $ 29.00 for the Starter Set with a teaser of the Sartar map and a "OH MY GOD !!!" art.

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It was indeed great!

Might as well get the ball started again on reports, for those who missed parts or all of the con. Here are my highlights:

  • The Starter Set will be available in PDF at the same time it comes out in print. It will be a sturdy boxed set with an intro to Glorantha, a minimal rulebook, a solo adventure tailored around Vasana, a dozen (?) pre-gens printed on folio-type pamphlets (with an available PDF template later to print your own), adventures that increase in scope and complexity (like the CoC starter set adventures) and where the last one is a return to the Rainbow Mounds, a new more compact format for NPC stat blocks (I like this!), a city book on Jonstown, a relevant portion of the Dragon Pass master map (which will be in the Sartar Homeland box) and gorgeous, gorgeous art (we got some previews but these will have to remain exclusive to those who were lucky enough to attend).
  • Jeff's GM tip for new RQ GMs was to not use combat as "filler" when action is needed, because BRP combat tends to be deadlier than in other RPGs. Jason's tip was to start in a small region of Glorantha and grow from there. Jason also talked about the underestimated "whackiness" of Glorantha that many people forget, from places' names to silly Chaos monsters, and more.
  • Jeff talked about many things in the "More RQ Stuff" -- these panels often seem to go into lengthy lectures on Malkionism 🙂  I wasn't there for half of it so I'll let other people report on that. I was there however for some bits about the upcoming Argrath Campaign book and how it will approach the "metaplot", what you can do about it, how to diverge from it, etc. Nothing new if you've already read Jeff's posts here or on Facebook about it. However he also clarified a few things about how to approach battles. My understanding is that (in Jeff's opinion) the GM should decide on which way the battle would go, and the players may perform greatly or poorly within the broader battle. Their actions are limited to a small corner of a hundred or thousand soldier wide battle, so they will live their own story there, maybe have an impact on some of the details of the battle, or the degree in which the battle was lost or won. For example, they may succeed or fail in holding a line, flanking an enemy position, killing or protecting an NPC. This could have all kind of fun repercussions even without changing who won/lost.

That's it for now.

I think the move to Zoom panels was excellent since it removed the need to reserve spots ahead of time in Discord, and allowed us to switch in and out of panels, which is welcome when it's the middle of the day and you have needy children 😉 If the con grows in attendance, it may be good to run more panels on Zoom by default.

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8 hours ago, Runeblade said:

I missed the info on the Sartar box. Anyone with info? Will they include a few new creatures in each of the area description products?

It would make me a lot more interested in it.

I would expect the old tradition to provide a set of encounters for the region to be continued. Whether this means that one would have too many places to look up creature stats or whether something similar to the Red Book of Magic - a Brown Book of Creatures? - could catch up such creature stats for more convenient use.

Jeff mentioned elsewhere that it would have ten or so minor cults, like (and including) Geo. It will show of the cosmopolitan side of Sartar, of its networking with traders from all over the world.

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