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RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha second printing PDF

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The second printing PDF is now available on our webstore and DriveThruRPG. Please download from your accounts.

Please note there is a Clarifications, Corrections and Additions update here:

CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Second Printing Clarifications, Corrections and Additions 1.0.0

Edited by Scotty
added Clarifications, Corrections and Additions
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Hold on ... looking at the changelog from 7Tigers, those all seem to be in my old "first printing" pdf (downloaded back in 2019).  Admittedly this new version says "second printing" in it (not "first printing"). 

So ... what's changed between the latest "first printing" and this one? 

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4 minutes ago, lordabdul said:

Yep, I already had all those corrections in a "more recent" PDF of the "first printing". The only difference I can spot is the new (indeed very welcome!) versioning information on the credits page.

Well, if that's the case, I'm going back to the last "first printing" PDF I've got, since it has all the bookmarks

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I ran the two pdfs ("recent first printing" and "second printing") through diffpdf and these are the differences (barring title page etc at the start).


p85  Added "Love (family) 60%"

p89 Javelin 1 handed corrected to be damage 1D6+1D4

p96 Spirit magic now has "Strength (2pts)" (was 1pt)

p210  "relative finesse of the kopis" (was "of the broadsword")

p374 "through which it is possible to pass" (was "possible to past"), and "the shaman must roll their" rather than "the shaman must roll his"

p393 Entry 6 in the table of sounds is now "Splashing waves"

p400 Tap Body now says "overcome the POW of the victim" (not "the magic points of the victim")

p412 Parchment has been replaced by "Papyrus, Large" and "Parchment, Hide (sheet)" is clarified to be 40cm long.

p418 Harmast's example ends with "after two seasons of training" instead of "after a season of training".  A typo of "wth" has been corrected to "with" (in the "Increased POW through spell use or spirit combat" section).

p421 % signs have been removed from bonuses and penalties.  The harvest results table first column now starts with "10 or less" and ends with "96 or more"

p422 Noble entry now has "Ransom is set at 1000L" where this was missing before.

p425 "After an adventurer reaches the age of 40" (used to read "has reached the age of 40")

p445 For some reason "Zorak Zoran" has an entry of 271-271 instead of just 271.


So I'd say there's not much changed there. 

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