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You are looking for "Create Amulet" page 82, or the "Enchant" spells on pages 106-112.

There are a lot of different variants of these, but my read on it as a Keeper is that any given object is enchanted with whatever is required to fit the narrative or desired mechanics. None of them specify a "deep one amulet," so that comes down to Keeper discretion. You decide if the indicated costs are good enough to create an Amulet that "does the thing." I can't think of any reason why "Create Amulet" can't do whatever is required according to your group's goals.

Call of Cthulhu's magic system is deliberately squishy. I think a lot of role-players are used to the typical "you cast a spell and it always does this." The beauty of cosmic horror role-playing is that humans aren't meant or even able to understand the nature of the cosmos. As part of the game, Keepers have a much more stringent control over what spells can or cannot do, and how much info the investigators get. The less the better. For example, my players have over a dozen spells that they have learned, they don't really know the full effects of any of them, and they are all absolutely mortified to cast any of them unless absolutely required. I call that a mood victory. ;) 

More cross-referencing in the book would be nice, but that is also what we are here for!

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