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Sword Fight: Technical Assistance

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I am using 7e, which I like very much. I am struggling a bit with figuring out how to run a certain kind of combat. I could use your help.

Two warriors face each other. Both have a shield and chain mail. Both have a long sword. 

How does this run with dodge, parry, and shield knock backs? Where can I find the rules to figure this out? 

If someone was really, really, really nice and wanted to narrate a few rounds of this combat for me, using the things I've mentioned above, I would appreciate it.

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As it will help my own understanding, I'll give this a go. I'll use 7e Keeper's Rulebook and Cthulhu Dark Ages (for shields). The rules for Shields in Dark Ages seem to contradict themselves a bit, but I'm just going with what makes the most sense.

I'm going to use the vikings from one of the Dark Ages adventures vs AEsa from the town in Dark Ages (also the only character in the entire book that I could find with a shield.)

AEsa has a Dex 70, and the viking has a 60, so AEsa goes first.

Round 1

AEsa attacks with her spear, the viking dodges. AEsa has Spear 65% and rolls 51, viking has Dodge 30 and rolls 28. Both are a regular success and the viking Dodges the spear thrust.

Viking attacks with sword of 60%, and AEsa Fights back with shield (65%). Viking rolls 63%, AEsa rolls 33%. Viking misses and AEsa gets a normal success, meaning she succeeds at fighting back and does (1d3+1d4) shield damage of 4 points. Viking has Chainmail and Helm armor (1d8) and rolls 8, totally soaking the hit.

Round 2

AEsa attacks again with her spear, and viking fights back with sword. AEsa rolls 08 (out of 65%) and viking rolls 05 (out of 60%). Extreme success vs Extreme success! A tie vs a "Fighting Back" means the attacker still wins though, and an Extreme success is an impale. AEsa will do (6+4+1d6) 12 points of damage. Viking rolls 5 for armor, and takes 7 HP damage. He has 16, so 7 isn't a Major Wound (1/2 total HP).

Viking attacks with sword, and AEsa fights back with shield. Viking rolls 33, and AEsa gets 70. Viking hits with a normal success, and AEsa fails her fighting back, but does get to add her Shield to her armor since she used that skill to defend. Viking does sword damage (1d8+1d4) and rolls 7 total. AEsa armor (chainmail + helm 1d8 and shield 1d3) blocks 4 points, so she takes 3 HP damage (out of 13 total).

Round 3

AEsa stabs with her spear again, and viking fights back with sword. AEsa rolls an 18, viking rolls an 03. Viking wins with an Extreme success vs AEsa's hard success! He can't impale because he wasn't the attacker, so does normal damage (1d8+1d4) for 4 points, and AEsa's armor (without shield) blocks it with a roll of 6.

Viking attacks with sword and AEsa dodges with shield. Viking rolls 74, a miss, and AEsa rolls 21. Viking misses.

Round 4

AEsa stabs again, viking fights back with a fighting maneuver to knock AEsa's shield away with his sword. AEsa rolls a 30, viking rolls a 61. AEsa hits with a hard success. She rolls 5 damage, but the viking rolls 7 for armor and soaks it.

Viking using Brawl (55%) to try to tear the shield away from AEsa. AEsa dodges with her shield. Viking rolls 20, and AEsa rolls a 56. The viking wins with a Hard success vs Normal success, and tears the shield out of her grasp, tossing it on the ground.

Round 5

AEsa stabs again with her spear, and viking fights back with sword. AEsa rolls 29, viking rolls 19. Both hard success, so AEsa wins and does 5 damage, which the viking's armor soak 2 of, leaving him with 6 HP.

Viking stabs at AEsa who fights back with spear. Viking rolls 40, she rolls 52. A tie on normal successes goes to the viking who hits for 5 and AEsa's armor soaks 4 leaving her with 9 HP.

Round 6

AEsa once again stabs at the viking, who fights back with sword. She gets a 13, and he gets a 53. She has an Extreme success vs his normal. Extreme impales because its her attack. She does 15 points of damage, and he soaks 2 with his armor. He takes 13, which is a Major Wound and also knocks him past 0, so he is dying.


Combat goes a lot longer with armor! If I have made mistakes here, please let me know!

(Note: Shield Knock Backs are an optional rule in Dark Ages that knock back on an Extreme success. You would use that rule if you wanted shield knockback, although I would also allow it with a Fighting Maneuver.)

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2 hours ago, GothmogIV said:

I truly appreciate your help. I ended up making a 'sword and shield' combat flow-chart with a bit of 7e/Invictus mishmash. We'll see if it survives contact with my players!

What sort of rules does Invictus add? It's one of the few settings I haven't bought yet. 

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