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Collector question - Arkham

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Hiya folks,

I'm interested in opinions on GM utility comparisons between the older Arkham Unveiled (which I have a complete copy) versus the more recent H. P. Lovecraft's Arkham. Prices on HPL's Arkham are collector level: around 75.00 - 100.00 USD. I also have a copy of Miskatonic University, which gives a great wealth of info about the campus and surrounds. My questions for all of you are:

1) Do you feel the changes to the basics of Arkham itself warrant spending an uncomfortable amount on a book? Phrased another way: Is it really that different/better?

2) The Book of Uncle Silas is the only different scenario. I'm expecting that art was probably updated on the others. Is this new scenario and the updates to the old ones justification alone for collector's prices?

These questions are focused on GM utility. I'm not a completionist collector.

Thoughts? I know opinions will vary. I'm interested in a breadth of them!

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I originally got H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham as a PDF, but when I decided to get a physical copy, I opted for the original Arkham Unveiled (I got it cheap as a used copy on the second hand market). The main deciding factor was just how awful the CGI art and the layout is on the 2003 version. From what I recall from comparing versions on the YSDC wiki, the only real additions in terms of content were the inclusion of Dreams in the Witch House, CoC d20 stats, and The Book of Uncle Silas (good scenario). As for the descriptions of Arkham itself, I think they're basically the same. I also recall that @SentinelHillPressmentioned that Arkham Unveiled is also their favorite version on their first Miskatonic Country Buyers Guide, so they might have more insight on that. 

Also, Mike Mason recently mentioned on a Facebook group that he's mainly working on the Arkham & Lovecraft Country book(s?) this year, so maybe they're not thaaat far away from being realesed (2022?). Anyway, I think Arkham Unveiled probably has you covered until then, especially when you also have the great M.U. sourcebook.  

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I outline the differences a little more in our Miskatonic Country scenario guide, but in a nutshell:

  • Scenarios - AU has “A Little Knowledge” which was later moved to the 2003 Miskatonic University book. HPLA’s has, as mentioned, “The Books of Uncle Silas”. It is not a scenario I find especially engaging. 
  • Numbering. Between thr release of Arkham Unveiled and the Compact Arkham Unveiled (not a bad purchase option if scenarios aren’t an issue as they were omitted in tCUA) Chaosium reworked many of the location numbers. This only truly matters if you are like me and like to reference them as a Keeper. See this for a list  - https://cthulhureborn.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/herber-arkham-o-pedia-v1.1.pdf
  • Neighborhood maps - AU has a number of neighborhood (and smaller) street maps that include details not mentioned in the text. 
  • Art - AU has hand drawn illustrations that aren’t great but mostly serviceable. HPLA, to me, look too much of early 3D computer animation and are not as visceral.
  • “Dreams in the Witch House” in HPLA. 
  • Layout. AU is cleaner and easier to read and more compact. 
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