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The Gifts of Prax - new adventure on DTRPG

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Beer With Teeth are delighted to introduce https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344911/The-Gifts-of-Prax?affiliate_id=205935 - The GIfts of Prax, an RQG adventure suitable for any group of characters. It has anger, vengeance, bad life choices, and a very special condor. An Encounters appendix introduces multiple new Praxian problems.

Help Erhehta the shaman have his entirely justified revenge, while gaining fame, fortune, and the things that Prax can bring you (if you don't take care).

We estimate it'll take 2 sessions to complete, but there is enough there to make more without having to write your own adventure.  It is englorified with art by Kristi Herbert.

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Darnit.  I thought I had fixed that.

For some reason, it doesn't always pick up which of multiple PDFs should be the one you're actually looking at.  Or something.  Or the wind is wrong.

EDIT: AHA!  There you are, dropdown box on a totally different page that I had never seen before!

OK, that should now propagate, but you may need to clear your cache.  Leave it 15 minutes for the database to catch up, and if it's not solved then by clearing the cache, I'll ask DTRPG.

Edited by Diana Probst
Found the problem. May even have solved it.
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23 hours ago, soltakss said:

I bought it without the preview, but haven't had a look at it yet.

By the way, previews are always tricky. I normally email Meredith with the file for the custom preview, but forgot for Book of Doom.

You're the sort of customer I love.

I did eMail Meredith, and she did sort it.  I'd tried uploading it against first and for some reason that hadn't worked, but it usually does, so I think I just got unlucky with the upload.

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