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Crazy weapon ideas.


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Stun option for polearm weapons,

Due to the clockwork additions needed to derive enough electric charge to make this work polearms are the only weapons large enough to have this modification.

The clockwork motors are located in the weapons haft acting as a counter balance to the blade.

The wheellock style mechanisms can only provide enough power for two uses before needing to be rewound using a key.

Damage as weapon its fitted to (For example if fitted to a Poleaxe its 1D8+2) plus the stun damage.

Stun Damage

Resilience roll adjusted by armour type, if the roll is failed the target is stunned and unable to do anything apart from Dodge for 1D4 combat rounds.

The Armour worn by the target adjusts the targets Resilience roll see chart below,

Very light, +20 to roll

Light, +20 to roll

Medium, -20 to roll

Heavy, -20 to roll 

Very Heavy, -40 to roll


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Just to add one idea that I had running K&C for clockwork weapons, especially the smaller ones like pole arms was to have something similar to a spare battery, in that the spring and key mechanism could be unplugged when wound down and a ready wound one slotted back in, kept the clockwork soldiers on a par with the alchemists and witches for powerful stuff. Of course if you have a backpack full of tightly wound springs and it takes some damage the consequences of them unwinding all at once might be interesting to watch, from a distance.

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