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Dicebreaker article: classic board games White Bear & Red Moon and Nomad Gods are getting their first new editions in decades


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"Two board games created by late RuneQuest designer Greg Stafford and set in the fantasy world of Glorantha are returning to print for the first time in several decades, with the potential for an unreleased third game in the trilogy to finally see the light of day." — Dicebreaker talks to Chaosium board games line editor Susan O'Brien.



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Dicebreaker's recent interview with our board games editor Susan about the forthcoming new versions of Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods notes that Mark Smylie of Artesia fame is on board to do the cover art. We're really excited about that! Dicebreaker used this piece of Mark's to illustrate the post.

The artwork depicts Lunar heroine Jar-eel marching forth from Mirin's Cross with her Lunar Army legions. It is cover art for Martin Helsdon's acclaimed Jonstown Compendium release 'The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass'.


"The Lunar heroine Jar-eel leads an army out of the great southern gate of Mirin’s Cross upon the wide lower tier of the Daughter’s Road. She rests her arm on her famed harp, and stares resolutely ahead, prepared for the trials of a campaign against the rebels of the south..."

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Our board games editor Susan got a surprise in the mail today: a near-mint copy of Dragon Pass (Avalon Hill version) that had sat in someone local's collection undisturbed for nearly 30 years. This will be a handy reference as playtesting for the new edition continues.
And although it came unpunched it won't stay that way for long, because Susan and her playtesting comrade @Andrew Bean believe that games are meant to be played...
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