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A Google Sheets Character Sheet for Critique

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For my game, I created my own Google Sheet for characters that can be customized for my own campaign and quirky rules set.

One of my players has just consolidated and updated it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it, and what might potentially be changed:


(One caveat - there's a drop-down for "Religion" that automatically calculates the religious bonuses, but I'd have to give editing permissions for people to activate it.)


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Quick comment:

I'd prefer to have all the skills and traits on the first page, so that I don't have to flip back and forth during normal game. We roll normal skills way more often than we roll any squire skills, for example, and crest and portrait is not that important for the player to stare at all the time; he ought to know them already. So Squire, crest and portrait can go to the second 'winter phase-y' page, IMHO. Also, Horse stats fit easily under the Stable in the second page to make room in the first page. You just need an additional box per stat line for the number of horses that you have.

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