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Monsters w/ many limbs

K Peterson

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I asked these questions over on Mongoose's Legend forum. Got 150 views over a week and no responses, so I thought I'd try here. I figure if this doesn't garner any responses, either, I'll hit up Mythras' forums since the question is applicable there, too.


It's been a little while since I last run Legend, so I've been refamiliarizing myself with some of the more obscure rules. A question: What is the effect of Serious or Major Wounds inflicted on a monster with many limbs?

Let's say you're facing off against a Giant Spider and you inflict a Serious Wound on its Left Fourth Leg. Clearly, the spider may not be able to use that limb if it fails a Resilience test, and it'll likely slow its movement rate. But, I would expect it to be unlikely to fall prone since it has other means of support.

What if you inflict a Major Wound and sever the Left Fourth Leg? Will the spider be at risk of unconsciousness or the risk of death from shock and blood-loss? Or will it sustain itself until you disable or sever a number of limbs?

I've forgotten if this was referenced somewhere in the rules, and I can't find it. Or if it wasn't addressed, and people have resolved this with house rules. Any feedback would help! Thanks!

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It's not referenced specifically in either Legend or Mythras, but is one of these areas where GMs should apply a little simple logic based on the size and anatomy of the creature. Hacking off one leg of a giant spider is likely to enrage it. but unlikely to impede it's movement by much, or impair it's ability to fight. But if you hack off two legs from the same side, and then the creature is going to be unbalanced and start to suffer. It will likely consider fleeing or seeking safer ground.

We do give a lot of advice about how creatures fight in different conditions in Mythras - and these obviously apply to Legend too.

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