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Art in the Cults Book


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This was a new pic I was not expecting!

Jeff's FB notes for the latest work by Loic Muzy:

A Stranger came ashore in 1313. He quickly proved himself greater than any mortal, and knew secrets known only to the gods. In a great magical war, he overthrew the Lord of Darkness, the Only Old One, and united the peoples around the Bay into the Holy Country. For three centuries, the Stranger did rule as the God-King Belintar.
And he had quite the fan club!
God king.jpeg
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On 7/5/2021 at 3:20 PM, Sir_Godspeed said:

wtf Belintar is a hunk

I just realized that the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death was never a Battle Royale kinda thing. All along it was a Belintar Bachelorette kind of reality TV show!

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11 hours ago, jajagappa said:

I'm thinking this is the Unity Council.  From top:  Inhuman King, a Gold Wheel Dancer, Aram ya-Udram, Only Old One, <one of the elf leaders>, and the Dwarf Isidilian the Wise.

Good call. 

Am I the only one who seeing 'Isidilian' at first thought those were Cthulhoid tentacles where his mouth should be? 


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I find the Orlanth one a bit harder to parse - we had just a little quiz about these on the German Discord.

Who's that girl with the grey banana on her head? Which of the Lightbringers is crossing blades with Kyger Litor? And is that the Black Eater the three-armed Orlanth is struggling with?


Does Orlanth have Alta/Alah under his feet, or Yelm's blood, or does he wear Jesus sandals?
Babeester shares his footwear.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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