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Building a Community Setting


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I assume 'trippy 70s vibe' would riff off Moorcock and Zelazny? Fairly high-powered stuff that touches elbows with god/godlings?

Maybe because I've been reading lots of fairy tales lately but I could go with something less 'epic' than a lot of modern fantasy seems to me... less caught up in vast military intrigues, more about the lives of common folks and their brushes with the uncanny. But I suppose that's less about world-building and more about constructing scenarios/situations.

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Over here


I've talked myself into wanting a "Magic World Multiverse" as some kind of vehicle to let people create all the weird, gonzo BRP adventures that I always felt were implied by the existence of Stormbringer. I wouldn't necessarily associate "trippy" with a high power lever, but with a lot of "anything goes". In a way, the opposite of a deep setting like Glorantha, were a lot of stuff goes, but a lot of other stuff would just feel wrong for the setting ...

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'Anything goes' implies, to me, a higher power level... just so the PCs won't be overwhelmed by the 'anything' when it shows up. I'm thinking kitchen sink settings like Rifts.
Not that a multiverse HAS to be that way... but they often seem to lead there.

It's not BRP but one multiversal setting I like is Astulae, which is a series of setting books describing an ancient 'dungeon' of connecting realities. It has its own laws of operation, factions, mysteries... but is generally on a manageable power scale. No worlds full of superheroes or giant mecha... not from what I've seen of it.
Or maybe a more fantasy styled take on Luther Arkwright (Jerry Cornelius)... or Stargate. PCs as agents of some group that is actively engaged in intrigue on multiple planes/worlds/dimensions.

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To me trippy any thing goes is less Tolkien and more other stuff.  Glorantha is very trippy.  


Okay so why not work on expanding Southern Reaches.  We have this empire, now the question comes where is the Empire.


Now Instead of a lozenge or a round world, the world is more like a tapestry or islands of order floating on the sea of otherness.  Champions of Light/Law are dont just rule a new town but pull this new section of wilderness from the raw material of the multiverse expanding the world.

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The Empire is North East, past the Copper Mountains on the other side of the Carmenel Pass, seasonal caravans trek through past the  Towers of Nobleswatch.  The Towers form a bastion, that first guarded the Empire of Irwan during the previous fey incursion. 

The Empire is only the current incarnation of the known world, like a great tide the Fey come and go, each time devouring the old world returning it to chaos.  Often the calcified remains of the Fey dot the land leaving behind sleeping horrors.


The Empire does have hope, for at its heart is the Grand Cathedral.  It stood tall from the last cycle.  Now priests study in its hallowed halls, some can hear the call of the Choirs of Light.  For the Choirs sing from on high blessing talismans to be gifted by chosen friars to carry the sacred songs.  (Demons of Light are bonded to them, this is how "sacred magic" works, the demons provide the magic, while the priest fuels the magic)

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Having just played through "The Fishsinger's Daughter" and read a little bit about the Southern Reaches, I feel like the setting has a grim fairy tale vibe with potential for political intrigue.  I agree that the empire in the north over the mountains is a bastion of light but the White River seems balanced between the two noble houses. Anyhow, I am new here but tend to be a barnacle.


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