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40th Anniversary Predictions Discussion

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On 2/21/2021 at 6:58 AM, klecser said:

Yeah, I thought about this, and I'm wondering if a layout update is the great equalizer. Let's be honest, and no offense to Paul or Mike, or anyone, but I think the layout of the main rulebook is among the least attractive layouts of any product available for 7E (excepting Canis Mysterium and Nameless Horrors maybe). I'm not trying to insult or anything, just pointing out that the core layout change was a very good idea, in my opinion. So, to what extent does Chaosium now have the capital to produce perhaps a limited print run of an updated rulebook? My publishing knowledge is infantile, so I defer to anybody who knows better. As a fan, I just wonder if the collector market of this game is large enough to make a limited run worthwhile? I recognize that "core books drive profit" has long been a mantra of the industry, and price point influences accessibility, but I've always heard that in the context of DND. How might a smaller publisher have their own conventional wisdom?

Lately I was wondering how come Mask looked more beautiful that the Core books. While the layout/template of the later might be better, I still like the core books. The real difference for me is the sketch like drawings that are more prevalent in the Keeper and Investigators book (I really do not like them). However, an "aligned" layout doesn't sound worthy of a 40th anniversary special release.

3 hours ago, klecser said:

Kind of an updated Cthulhu Classics, but with the ability to draw on a much wider selection of older and mid-age classics. I like it.

It may be not something that am after but it absolutely sound like a good idea for a 40th anniversary special release.

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On 2/20/2021 at 9:18 PM, kross said:

Wow. Everything looks so... PRISTINE. All of mine show every bit of their age.

Well, you *ARE* looking at a post from "Mr. Suitcase" himself...
Who now has access to the Restricted Collection (at Chaosium's secret Cthulhu-survival bunker).

Just sayin' ...

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