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Reducing the number of combat rolls?

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So combat currently requires three rolls in normal situations. One percentile roll to attack, one percentile roll to defend (parry or dodge), and one non-percentile roll to inflict damage.

Are there any optional rules to reduce this further? For example, reducing combat rounds to just the players rolling defense rolls to determine how much damage they suffer?

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There's the Pendragon solution, which does not differenciate attack and defense rolls.

In one-on-one fights, each protagonist rolls under his skill, and only the one with the best roll hits the other.

When facing more than one opponent (no more than 3), a character will oppose each of them with a reduced skill.

It's also possible to chose an offensive or defensive stance, which will change how oppositions are resolved.


It's also possible to base damage on the tens of the attack roll, or the difference between the attack and the parry tens, counting crits as 10s.

Then, add a modifier based on the weapon used, and subtract another based on the armour worn.


The option you're asking for, where players only roll to know how much damage they take, also exists in Pendragon, but is only used in Battles, and each round represents the opposition faced during a time longer than a combat turn.

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