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On 2/27/2021 at 4:10 AM, g33k said:

Some people prefer dark chocolate, some prefer milk chocolate, and a few benighted souls don't even like chocolate (do not trust such people, they are obviously possessed by demons who cannot abide the Food of the Gods).

And then there are the poor lost souls who partake of white chocolate, and we know that they are lost to the Gods altogether, victims of Eurmal.

But that takes us to a distant Hell, far from the OP.

Given the diverse range of interests in and approaches to Glorantha and RuneQuest, I don't think there will be any universal consensus for more or fewer spell choices.  RQG continues on the path from RQ2 and the diversity that came in the early Cults books.  When we GM our games, or develop content for Jonstown Compendium, we can explore those angles or options that we may individually prefer and see if others respond to them, or not.


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OK, so you'd prefer spells to be reduced to what you consider their "essential features" (it is some kind of energy projectile that does damage, it increases a characteristic, it provides some kind of

I think the quirky variety of spells, and the lack of consistency in effect-per-point, is part of RuneQuest's charm. I am aware that it is one of the reasons that RuneQuest, and also Glorantha, is not

Nope, we need  more spells, not less.

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