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The Duck Crusade, part of Grogzilla issue 2 on ZineQuest until March 10

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I've jumped into Kickstarter's ZineQuest promotion with Grogzilla #2, which is the follow up to last years...Grogzilla #1 😄 At the heart of it is an OpenQuest powered adventure called the Duck Crusade, which is a Grimdark Quest with a firm sense of humour, much like the early GW Warhammer Fantasy Battle releases (McDeath for example).  It features the Crusader Ducks of Fort Fury, who are trying to regain their homeland which has been overrun by Cultists of Corruption who worship the Great Terror Lizard, GROGZILLA! 

The Duck Crusade is a one-shot adventure, with its own self contained setting and a set of six pre-made duck characters, so you can just pick it up and play it in one to two gaming sessions. 

Dan Barker is on art duties and he's already produced this illustration which will grace the back cover of the zine.

If you fancy backing it, here's the link

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Quick update. 

At time of writing backers of the campaign will be getting two zines.

Grogzilla issue 2 itself, a collection of articles and adventures for Crypts and Things, Monkey and the work in progress that is Slumberland.

The Duck Crusade which has grown into a zine of its own, since as well as the OpenQuest adventure + characters, it now has a gazetteer of the setting, with an article on how to turn the adventure on its head and use it for the Cultist opposition (for which there will be another set of characters). 

Currently we are funding this as a third rpg-in-a-zine, and are about half-way there with 4 days to go. 


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