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In Development: 7th Sea – City of Five Sails. A Tabletop Game by Pine Box Entertainment


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An Evolving Tabletop Game set in Theah’s Most Interesting City

Our friends at Pine Box Entertainment, publishers of the Doomtown Deadlands collectable card game, have announced the 7th Sea: City of Five Sails game is in development.

7th Sea: Five Sails is a hybrid card/board game of swashbuckling, sorcery, piracy, adventure, political intrigue, and skullduggery. Produced under license from Chaosium, it features key elements from John Wick's 7th Sea tabletop roleplaying game, incorporated into a rich, storyline driven tabletop experience. Players engage in combat duels that go back and forth with impending damage. Parry, riposte, and thrust at your opponent with the assistance of plot cards and attachments to damage and eliminate opposing crew members and mercenaries. 


Each Leader has their own unique playstyle with additional ways to obtain Hero Points, and forge a path towards victory. Alternatively, controlling the locations or assassinating the enemy leader will lead to domination over the City of Five Sails.

Pine Box designers Case Lopez and Robert Croy have recently been joined by Legend of the Five Rings CCG designer Chris Medico and Transformers TCG designer Case Kiyonaga. Find out more about the game at the Pine Box Entertainment site: https://pineboxentertainment.com/2021/02/26/announcing-7th-sea-the-city-of-five-sails

Pine Box are also looking for playtesters for 7th Sea: Five Sails! Email them here: pineboxentertainment@gmail.com.


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