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A Modern Day Epic Campaign From Chaosium

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On 3/13/2021 at 10:08 PM, DreadDomain said:

A "modern day" sourcebook or campaign needs a backdrop. It cannot only be about being "current" or "now" because these are only moving targets.

This is related to something I was about to say, which is that a modern day Masks-level campaign should devote its effort to using modern tools and circumstancs rather than negating them.  Travel is an obvious one - it's comparatively easy to globetrot these days, which means it's much easier to make a globetrotting campaign urgently time sensitive - so do that.  On the other hand, it's harder to travel covertly, which means Investigators can't so easily skip out on one location to avoid their pursuers.

Communications likewise - rather than contort the plot to disable cellphone (or at least rather than do it very often), design the plot so that Investigators need them - or have good reasons to ditch them, such as not being tracked.  And then remember that the cultists have them too - which can let them communicate, or maybe let them be tracked if the Investigators have the resources for that.  The internet gives you vast amounts of both information and misinformation.  And in the end, the Mythos is about superior science at least as much as magic - monsters and gods are ahead of humanity's curve when it comes to technology.

"Why don't they call the authorities" is the constant question of modern horror scenarios - partly the answer is that it's the players' job to come up with Investigators who will dig into strange situations - but maybe sometimes let doing so help - in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Dr Willet managed some investigation that might have got him killed if Joseph Curwen hadn't been locked up.  Or a campaign could be set somewhere where the authorities aren't associated with safety (if you're black or homeless, that can be America).  If the cultists aren't technically committing crimes, that can make the authorities redundant too.

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