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First Use of RQ / BRP?

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It would've been 80-81, or soon afterwards. I was lucky enough to play in games of RQ2, CoC and Stormbringer. As Toadmaster says, there was always someone in your group interested in buying each new game as they came out, and running an adventure for us. The good games got into the regular rotation. I fell in love with Prax, but the GM was fickle and I never was able to get enough. Cthulhu became pretty regular, and I went on to run some campaigns myself. We only played Stormbringer off and on. I think we were put off by the random country of origin table. Of course, we would just ignore that nowadays, but at the time we were often slaves to a rulebook.

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My first game [& Love] was RuneQuest back in 1981.

I was introduced by my older brother as I had been drawing some maps. The first scenario was from Chaosium's Apple Lane supplement 'Rainbow Mounds'.

I was playing a Black Fang Brotherhood Assassin who managed to fall off the bridge into the water. The GM, a friend of my brother, then switched to dealing with how my sister was doing with her character.

Only after an hour did he reveal I had been rescued by Newtlings.

After that I brought the rulebook along with the RQ boxset miniatures from Derby's CoOp.


I do remember doing my English Speaking Board exams on Glorantha every year while at school. Since then I have been playing RuneQuest, I remember clubbing together to buy one copy of RuneQuest III from Games Workshop in Nottingham as it was too expensive.

I only switched to Hero Wars in 2000, then onto HeroQuest.

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