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My borderlands campaign (1st session)

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I started running borderlands yesterday and... MAN WHAT A GREAT SESSION!!!

The adventurers are a Yerlornan from the unicorn people, a Humakti berserker from (somewhere in dragon pass) and a Lhankor Mhy from Pavis. The 4th player couldn't make it this week sadly.

Players were new to Glorantha and Runequest, with only DnD experience.

I just pulled the OG map of Prax and started telling them how it was the holy land and a paradise, but then the storm god murdered the sun and... Well you guys know how the story goes. The players got hooked instantly and I聽couldn't have been happier! I mean聽they literally asked me to keep GMing while we were eating pizza 馃槷

First session didn't have any combat (except that one time the Humakti 1-hit a caravan worker with a gut punch with 7 out of 7 possible damage btw) the PCs just did stuff in horns gate and went to the secret orlanth altar nearby that the chalanas are helping hide. There they got hired by the duke (which is orlanthi and evil in my version).聽

Daine provided a metric ton of roleplaying; the yerlornan figured he was a psycho killer (which... He totally is now) and everyone was super wary of the orlanthi; they only got to that point because the (pc) Humakti kinda figured out these guys wouldn't go through all this trouble to kill some random nobody adventurers they have no beef with.

The Amazon was *this* close of using shooting star on Daine, anyway she ended using soul sight on the Duke, Daine and the priest (which is a priestess now) and confirmed they were who they said they were, very magically powerful and very evil 馃檪

They gladly accepted the mercenary contract because *food and board* haha and so next time they'll start scouting the land for real (but they are going with the priestess instead of Daine; she's way weirder and they'll regret it when all their fears turn out to be... maybe be true? (Let's see what they come up with). Anyway i didn't want sword guy with the group since they already have a sword guy of their own.

So far it's a horror campaign and i plan to keep it that way; maybe I'll add a chaos "random" encounter to make things creepier? A gorp approaching the camp at night sounds just what I need to turn the horror up to 11, it will probably eat a horse or something?

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On 3/18/2021 at 6:00 PM, icebrand said:

A gorp approaching the camp at night sounds just what I need to turn the horror up to 11, it will probably eat a horse or something?

That sounds great - Gorp should be able to be really聽scary if聽used right. Imagine a horse screaming at night聽and the characters finding it half eaten but still alive...

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