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The Curse of Seven - Cthulhu by Gaslight Campaign

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If possible, please update us on the status of the new campaign for Cthulhu by Gaslight. @Mike Mrecently mentioned on Facebook that Chaosium is getting closer to a release, but I would like to know if 'The Curse of Seven' will be published in 2021.

Our gaming group is on Chapter 2 of 'The Shadows of Yog-Sothoth' campaign, and we should be done sometime around this Fall (September/October). I would like to run a Gaslight campaign next if the book is available.

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5 hours ago, Mike M said:

Hi - before we can release the Curse of Seven, we want to release the new edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight, which is currently in writing and development.

And here it is. 

You knew it was coming.

Any guesstimate on when CbG might make its appearance 🤔

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Well, let’s hope Gaslight is supported better this time round. Are there any books/products beyond The Curse of Seven in the works? Stygian Fox have produced some excellent books for the era, but the best sourcebook (IMO) is tantalisingly beyond reach of most new CoC gamers -  Pagan Publishing’s The Golden Dawn. I wonder if something can be arranged with Pagan Publishing/Adam Scott Glancy to bring it back from the dead and updated for the new edition.. Or, perhaps, Chaosium can reach out to Kevin Ross to write a similar book on the Order. 

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I think I might to have to respectfully disagree as I have both. Golden Dawn is TRULY excellent but Hudson & Brand is at a different level in my view. I have faith that the new Cthulhu by Gaslight will be a wonder but it’s going to be very difficult to eclipse Hudson & Brand.

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Check out our homebrew rules for freeform magic in BRP ->

No reason for Ars Magica players to have all the fun!

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Hmmm....  I'll have to admit that while I have played CoC on and off since 1st edition and have only seriously returned since 7th edition and gaslight has been one of the time periods that really have my interest I have never even heard of Golden Dawn.   But I have Hudson & Brand as well as several other Stygian Fox products and they are very well done.  If they are the ones that are putting out the new edition of Gaslight, or their creative team are collaborating on it then I believe that it will be a great product. 

And prices on the collectable market do not necessarily reflect actual quality. 

In this case I cannot really give an opinion on GD's actual quality, but I know of many old RPG products that commanded high ($200 to $500) prices due to age, condition and rarity that were actually poor games or supplements. 


Once again, since I have never seen GD I can't speak to its quality, but H&B is a great product and I can speak to that. 



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