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Having played Runequest 6 a few years ago, the combat left me a little cold due to the extra admin involved in Action Points and Special Effects. Question... being interested in Lyonesse (which uses the same system) can combat be resolved ignoring both Action Points and Special Effects and just playing it out i.e. just hit vs parry as in the older RQ games?

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if interested in doing something like this, you might also check out M-Space's simplified combat, which removes limb hit points and makes action points fixed at 2. it still does have special effects, but all of 7, and 3 of those are only available on crits - only trip, impale, arise, and withdraw are on regular rolls. No reach, etc

It should work fine as you state, though I admit I'd have the opposite reaction as you.

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You can slice and dice... drop features. It is d100 🙂 

But special effects are one of the things that give me the cinematic feel... Every combat is different... instead of more regular grind until a limb drops

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As Raleel says, M-SPACE (and Odd Soot) has rules for simplified combat. And they’re generic enough to use with any genre, not just sci-fi. 

They use 2 Action Points, 11 Special Effects and no Hit Locations. As my players don’t enjoy combat very much, they prefer this downsized version. 

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