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Questworld: Rolling Macro


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I wrote a small macro for foundry VTT that allows you to input a target number using 15M, 15M2, 45.  It then rolls a d20 and spits out the number of success as well as the actual roll and a standardized description of the target with and stretch and situational modifiers added.  Is there anything in the Quest world SRD license that would prevent me from make this accessible publicly?



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I updated it a bit.  Please note that this is based on the rules as published in the quest world git repo https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds.  Also there is one issue which I will fix but have not yet which is that the 4th degree of success for hinderance and benefit is 25 rather than 2M(40).

The exported json file for the macro is here https://github.com/chekmx/QWMacro/blob/main/README.md 

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