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Vajra of the Skies — Monster of the Month #15

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This month's MOTM is now available on the Jonstown Compendium!

Continuing our series of Rune Masters, this month's issue of Monster of the Month presents a shaman of the Golden Bow. Vajra is a grief-stricken elder of the Pure Horse People who wanders the skies of Dragon Pass on the back of the great vrok hawk Sunfriend. He is designed to allow the gamemaster to use him as a tragic antagonist, a flawed mentor, or with a blending of themes.

In addition to describing Vajra, this issue includes:

  • A sidebar discussing Drugs in Glorantha, including optional Addiction rules, and four new intoxicants

  • The Sun Horse's Mane, a magic item woven by worshipers of Yu-Kargzant the Sun Horse

  • Two minor spirits associated with Light—Whisperstars and Illumes

This supplement is designed to be useful for RuneQuest players who have only the core rulebook. However, some content will be enriched by Chaosium's official publications The Red Book of Magic and/or The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories.

Content Warning: This product contains themes of addiction and drug abuse. Please consult with your whole group before introducing those elements into your game.

About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.


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