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Chaosium announces clay tablet cuneiform edition of RuneQuest RPG


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Archeologists and linguistic experts are having a lively debate over the tablets.  The controversy stems over disparate interpretations of the meaning of a glyph decoded to mean "Heroquest Rules" or more correctly "rules for Heroquesting".  (Not to be confused with clay tablets previously discovered in the Zazu tar pits.)  One group believes this glyph refers to a heretofore undiscovered set of tablets promising fabulous mystical insights. Others believe it is in fact referring to a mythical entity called The False Prophecy, pointing to similar references in older tablets proclaiming the coming of the "rules for Heroquesting" dating back to 11,473 B.C.  They claim this entity is responsible for such false prophecies as "The End is Nigh", "God Will Return" and "When Pigs Fly".

One archeologist was quoted as saying "I've been to Pink Floyd concerts.  I've seen pigs fly with my own eyes."  A linguistic expert scoffed at such notions, however, claiming, "Those guys are always saying 'Two weeks, it'll be here in two weeks.' and here we are 13 thousand years later."

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