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Group rolls in RuneQuest

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I like Option-1 in the OP.  Clean, elegant, works with RAW.

Note that this is actually a slight twist on the RAW:  "rolling the Skill" vs "rolling to Augment" are usually separate rolls, but here the "Leader's" own skill-roll (for their own particular success/failure) dual-purposes as an Augment roll (for everyone else).  I rather like this aspect, using one roll to determine separate but related, things.

( @soltakss how does this sit with your sentiment of "... but I am very much against rolling for augments, as I think that rolls should mean something, they should give a result and not just be rolling for rolling's sake" ??? )


I'd consider adding a version of OP's Option-2, though -- leader rolls LAST, and we get to see if they Augmented well-enough to make any failures become successes, etc; but might also grant HQ/QW-style "step up the fail/success ladder."

Yes, this does add complexity.  It also adds, IMHO, a layer of drama & storytelling.  It allows for the moments such as someone being stuck "out in the open" (and having to rely on just being motionless in the dark) because the Leader stopped their motion when a guard looked their direction...

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23 minutes ago, Godlearner said:

Use a similar thing in RQ, especially on a HeroQuest. You can defeat an encounter with a Weapon or Dance or an Orate. It just have to make sense.

We have been doing that at our RQG table since our game started late last year, and I have been doing this for decades in both RQ 2 and 3. Attacks and parries are only skills after all!

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