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Question about specific scifi race....

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I am tidying up my Master of Orion ruleset.. And I am thinking, let's add the other race I skipped.... 

Most race are more or less similar to human template with each a little something extra (arguably, human are the less special of the lot, I did give them 3 "advantage rolls" a session, but that is all)

I am looking at that race:
Trilarian - Official Master of Orion Wiki (fandom.com)

In canon MoO lore, they do not have any particular bonus except for being Aquatic (which I think might be a problem to interact with other ground based species, and also a problem to master technology, which often start with fire, or even electricity) and "transdimensional" (their spaceship have faster warp and normal speed)

In "BRP" term I am not sure how a race could improve its spaceship in ways that are unique and not reproduceable by other races (we are talking science and industry here, not magic!) but anyway... as a personal level, if they can speed up superluminal speed of their ship, I though it reasonable to give them natural teleport and levitation ability.....
But that would be a big advantage in combat! However.. They have no combat bonus!
So.. any other idea or comment, please?! 🙂 

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The water-born and -faring Trilarians thrive in open seas and skies. Their tentacles and many eyes make them strangers in a humanoid seeming universe, but their strangeness sets them apart in more ways than one. The Trilarians take to the skies as naturally as they do to the seas, unafraid of unknown depths and heights. They are gifted pilots, diplomats, and educators in a savage and wild universe.

Their society was molded by an ancient race of Old Ones which they now regard as gods. These Old Ones gave them early technology and artifacts that set their society on track to reach the stars. The Trilarians now advocate the spread the goodwill and education across the universe, continuing the beneficial legacy that the gods bestowed on them.

Their affinity for peace and constructive dialogue should never be interpreted as weakness, as the Trilarians are deadly when threatened. Once angered, they will strike out with the total confidence in their righteousness, answering to no one but the gods. Athletic, agile, and highly educated, they will fight to the death with the conviction that they are the chosen messengers of the Old Ones.


From this I get:

Access to certain 'magic' (in the Arthur C. Clarke sense) artifacts from their Old Ones; these could do all sorts of effects

'Trans Dimensional' sounds a bit like the Guild from Dune. Maybe it comes from their artifacts. Maybe allow a teleport to a known or strongly visualised location. Or maybe that power requires a group effort from a number of Trilarians, so it wouldn't be something they could do in combat.

"gifted pilots, diplomats, and educators" -- you could give them skill bonuses for those without being too much of a combat nerf

Obviously, able to breathe under water indefinitely; maybe even in space?

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You know what? I should confess that, shame on me, I didn't even read the lore that I linked, so confident I was in my already acquired MoO lore from other sources... But it is quite good informative! 

And you also came with an excellent idea, which I haven't entertained so far, the "group powers" concept... this is an excellent idea I have to dwell on a bit more... 😮 🙂 

Other than that, I later realized I already gave Elerian psionic powers, which are, arguably, a combat advantage, so I should not fear give the Trilarians something similar..

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