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Jeff teases the upcoming products he's working on

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1 hour ago, Runeblogger said:

He also recently shared the following piece by Ossi Hiekkala

Really like the "realism" in Ossi's works that I've seen to-date.  This will bring a whole new level to our views of Dragon Pass.

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Although I believe posted awhile back, Jeff shared again on FB another upcoming piece by Ossi Hiekkala, this time one of our favored warrior friends.

Jeff noted: "The diminutive Duck People of Sartar are a strange lightning rod for some people. But in Dragon Pass, they are no stranger than the Horse People (centaurs), Bull People (minotaurs), Dragon People (dragonewts), Newt People (newtlings), Dark Men (trolls), Stone Men (dwarfs), or Plant People (aldryami). They are just one of the many non-human peoples that populate the Pass. Although they are usually categorised with the Beast Men, they form one of the tribes of Sartar.... Anyways, with about 6500 ducks in Sartar, they are more common than any cult in Sartar except Orlanth or Ernalda. And they are about as numerous as the Telmori.  As an aside, only the Malani tribe have as many Humakt cultists as the Ducks. And nobody has as many Engizi or Heler cultists as the Ducks.


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New notes and pictured provided by Jeff on FB:

Some notes. The picture is by the amazing Hazem Ameen and will be in the Sartar Boxed Set.
When she was 13, Vasana daughter of Farnan was initiated according to the tribal traditions of the Colymar. She was chosen by Vinga and pressed on to I Fought We Won. She was welcomed as a "young man" by her community and was sent to the Starfire Ridges along with some 300 other young men from the local clans. They were given a cloak, a broad-brimmed hat, and weapons.
Vasana spent the next two years among her fellow "young men" learning to fight, learning about the Orlanthi gods. Most of this time was spent atop the Starfire Ridges, where they raided, hunted, and learned to fight as a group. They learned to survive in all seasons, learned to run long distances without breaks, how to climb cliffs, etc. After the first year, Vasana was given a sword by the Wind Lord, a sign of her promise.
At those feasts and ceremonies, the young men learned to dance and flirt with women. Some even learned the mysteries of sex with women (some may have already learned the mysteries of sex with other young men).
As a woman, she was the among youngest "young man" present. This forced her to learn to compete with older (and no doubt stronger) boys and hardened her for the Vingan life.
During the second year, the training continued. They learned songs and poems of the gods and heroes. They learned to make a shield wall and how to fight with their sword. They learned of the spirits.
At the end of the second year, they were brought back into the community and back to their clans with feasts and celebrations. Most then went on to initiate to Orlanth; Vasana initiated into the Vingan band at Clearwine.
When she was 13 years old, Yanioth went through her clan initiation rites. Afterwards, she was given, as is traditional for young women of her Ernaldoring clan, to the Clearwine Earth Temple for two years of training and apprenticehood. She served the priestesses, learned useful crafts, and learned the songs and dances of Ernalda. She received magical lore and learned of the spirits. She lived in the temple with the other young women, and functioned as a student and a servant of the priestesses.
At those ceremonies where the young women met with the young men, she learned to flirt and dance with the young men. Yanioth also learned the mysteries of sex with men (and possibly women as well).
After two years, she was returned to her community with feasts and celebrations. She initiated into the deeper mysteries of Ernalda, and Yanioth returned to the temple (where her mother is a priestess).
May be an anime-style image of 2 people
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Just now, jajagappa said:

The picture is by the amazing Hazem Ameen and will be in the Sartar Boxed Set.

I like the contrasting art styles we're seeing for the Sartar set! 

Interesting to see the repeated use of the Man Rune on the soon-to-be adults clothing - hadn't thought of that, but makes sense for initiation.

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