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HOMBAK house rules: character creation part2 : characteristics

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Special thanks to @Shiningbrow and his so nice english lessons 😉

not really based on episode 3


Here i will tell you how I manage characteristics creation (don't hesitate to propose your own way too)

Some homelands (bison for example) propose modifiers. It is time to choose the homeland if not already done: If you want to start with DEX 21, you must choose Impala.

I let players decide to distribute their points for a total decided by me, GM.

The goal is to determine the 7 charactestics and a virtual one that I called “preRunePool”.

preRunePool represents the POW already used to the runepool(s) the character has. The equivalent in the rules is preRunePool = rune pool = 3 but you can sacrify more if you want (as row) or less (as me). The logic will be described in the creation part dedicated to the cult


For these 7+1 characteristics, GM has to decide what is the amount the players will distribute

The average in roll dices is: 78.5, the rules give + 3  with the elemental runes, and  + 3 proposed if the total of dices is < 92 and +3 for the rune pool.

We can conclude the random average start is 87 (78 + 3 + 3 + 3)

Now it’s GM choice (personally I choose 95 )

The players have to distribute following these rules:

PreRunePool : min 0 (no initiation), max 10 (10 is just my personal choice, and it is enormous, but that means the pc lose a lot of points, no pain, no gain)

The 7 characteristics should be in the range of the dice rolls (3-18 for 3d6; 8-18 for 2d6+6),

If there is any homeland modifier, apply the modifier, for example SIZ of a bison must be between 10 and 20 when DEX must be between 1 and 16.

And that’s all if your players want to be “standard” but…


Player can choose one characteristic 2 points above the max (max = 18 à 20 for a non praxian) and one 1 point above the max. In this case, the elemental runes distribution is partially defined :

When a pc chooses +2 above the max, you know what the main elemental rune is.

When a pc chooses +1 above the max, you know one of the 2 best elemental runes (if +2 and +1 are chosen you know the 2 elemental runes)

Remember that runes bonus are included in the amount you propose, don’t add it when the runes are chosen

Another option is to follow the rules in the core book. Then reduce 3 the amount players can distribute, and

In all cases, after all distribution, the characteristic’s limit is 21 for human.


Of course … you may accept a 22 or 23. in this case , I would recommend : 2 or 3 points are used for 1 point over the max. A very good background must explain it,  add hard passion (fear something ridiculous, or hate something very dangerous at 90%), or/and oath or/and geas, or/and enemy, or/and… any bad thing for the pc you can imagine. That must be the deal

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