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Military life for civilian gamers


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On 4/30/2021 at 8:43 AM, Bill the barbarian said:

Well this is a bit meaner than this ol peacekeeper would like but, the point is there. So long as there is effort is to make our square peg feel at home in your round hole. And I am sure there is.

Well, it's not intended to mean or insulting, just blunt. There are times when straightforward plain words make far more impact than all the courtesy in the world.

Not that the world couldn't use more courtesy, mind you.

We all have the obligation to be reasonable and polite at the table. We also have the right to be there or not until that right is revoked by the host. This is part of the social compact we have with each other. I'll *gladly*  make room for other viewpoints, other experiences, and other voices. But I won't tolerate a voice that is disrespectful or insulting to anyone else at the table. And a gaming table isn't a social justice venue either.

Toleration, courtesy, and respect. Or else 😁

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