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Determining cultic rank


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10 hours ago, MacDhomnuill said:

Specifically I don’t know whether they’re an initiate, acolyte, priest, or high priest.

As for cult members:

  • Most theists are Lay Members, very loosely belonging to a cult.
  • Initiates have dedicated themselves to a cult in a binding way.
  • Acolytes are people who work for the cult and are the lowest rank of cult leaders.
  • Priests are the leaders of a cult, dedicated to the well-being of the cult.
  • High Priests lead the temple and are the heads of the cult in the area.

So, look at an NPC and decide what kind of worshipper they are. Most will be Lay Members or Initiates. If you don't have Lay Members, or don't count them as cult members, then the NPC is likely to be an Initiate. If the NPC is a cult leader, but not that skilled, they could be an Acolyte. If they are experienced with high cult skills then they could be a Priest. They would only be a High Priest under unusual circumstances.

Starting Adventurers (PCs) might be lay Members or Initiates. They can progress to become acolytes, Priests and High Priests as they gain more experience and skills.


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