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Famous Bell


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Hi, a quick question: do you know which tribe Famous Bell is located in? And more precisely in which Clan? It is on the border between the Malani and the Cinsina in the Arfritha valley. If we believe the Map "Colymar Clans", there is a red dot on it and it seems to say that it is the main village of Lysang or Namolding or a Cinsina clan not noted on the map? But these are guesses on my part!

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In my game, we learned that when it’s rung the clear sound carries messages all the way up and down the Arfritha Valley.

Mind you, my adventurers broke the Famous Bell by whacking it with a dagger-axe while its wyter spirit was absent, so they are now known as the Bell-Enders. (We were playtesting a scenario that’s since been published in the French edition of RuneQuest)

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