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[Stormbringer Scenario] The Brides of Pyaray

Marcus Bone

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Hi All, 

I've released a new scenario of Stormbringer 5th edition over on www.stormbringerrpg.com - The Brides of Pyaray. 

Chaos hides everywhere amidst the Young Kingdoms, fanned by the desires of mere mortals who lust for riches, power or eternity. In even the most law abiding of communities the worshippers of chaos can thrive, hidden in plain sight! In The Brides of Pyaray, the characters are lured into a mystery of their own making, where their desire to make good leads to an adventure offering dire consequences… does one dare ask; what indeed beckons the brides of the Tentacled Whisperer of Impossible Secrets?

You can find it as a free pdf here - http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=3695

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Stormbringer! - Supporting Stormbringer 5th edition over at http://www.stormbringerrpg.com

Unbound Publishing - Bringing back the fear - http://www.unboundbook.org

DCtRPG.info - Supporting Dark Conspiracy across the decades - http://www.darkconspiracytherpg.com

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