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Your roleplaying influences ?


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Actually, yes....that should be Once Upon a Time in the West. I shall now edit my post, and no, I don't agree that Once Upon a Time in America is anything like as good. It has a good soundtrack, but the story is way too long, with a confused narrative, and I have an problem with the rape scene in it.

Once Upon a Time in the West, on the other hand is visual (and sonic) poetry.

I actually prefer Once Upon a Time in America - though I think both are at the top of their respective genre's. They are very different movies - West is all atmosphere and mood, while America is story driven (not that the former doesn't have a good story and the latter have lots of mood and atmosphere).

Certainly a BRP western game I run would be modelled after the Sergio Leone films as well as Unforgiven - probably somewhere in the middle.

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