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Invincible (on Amazon Prime)


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Has anyone watched Invincible on Amazon Prime? If so, can anyone see using Superworld for an Invincible campaign?


I know that many people believe that the BRP system is too lethal for superheroes, but a show like Invincible shows that superheroics can be lethal as well.


What do you think?

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An idea just crossed my mind.... Something anathema to BRP but.. hey, why not, it would fit the genre.... give your super more HP? like (CON+SIZ) * Hero_Power_Level (where Hero_Power_Level is an arbitrary number you as GM decide)

That might make it work?


EDIT actually: HP = SIZE + Hero_Power_Level * CON, would work better, I reckon. Or maybe something fancy such as HP = CON + SIZ + POW, or maybe HP = CON+SIZ + spend_some_super_hero_point_for_extra_HP....

Welll.. you get the idea... 

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I think that what is difficult with BRP is to reproduce DC and Marvel Super-Heroes, which often don't care about verisimilitude and often violate their own rules. It's less of a problem if you're Ok with the fact Superman Omni-man can kill any human being by a simple touch than if you want Batman to be able to fight Superman.

There are many ways to make BRP less lethal, even without changing the rules.

Increasing stats is one. A PC with CON 100 is not as fragile as one with CON 10, for instance, even if they both have SIZ 13.

Another very effective way is to give damage reduction powers. If Omni-Man reduces all damage taken by 200, he's going to be extremely difficult to kill.

And you don't even need such absurd numbers to make opponents tougher.


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