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Impales And Explosions

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Is there a universal rule for decreasing levels of damage the further out of the direct blast radius?

The only rule I can find is for the hand grenade and dynamite sticks —  'Each delivers 4D10 damage to those within 3 yards, 2D10 to those within 6 yards and 1D10 to those within 9 yards' —   but surely there must be similar rules for C-4, mines, mortars, grenade launchers, field guns et al?

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5 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

I think... (at least it is the rule in BRP IIRC) that they lose 1 dice per meter beyond blast radius.

Thats what I remember. I would amend further depending on environment. If your playing Cthulhu Rising for example... thin atmosphere I would reduce by half each step, heavy atmosphere by one for every two bands.


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In addition to the grenade/dynamite example, Keeper Rulebook p406 has guidance for damage based on radius of effect:

2 yards, 3 yards, etc.: Damage radius of explosion in yards; at up to double the range, the damage is halved. At up to triple the range, the damage is quartered. Beyond that damage is ignored.

p.405 lists the most common explosive devices and relevent dam/radius

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