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New Jonstown Compendium title - Holiday Dorastor: Temple of Heads

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Holiday Dorastor: Temple of Heads is now live on the Jonstown Compendium. Written by Leon Kirshtein, Simon Phipp, Nikk Effingham and Tal Meta, with artwork by Alexandre Gauthier, Dario Corallo, Martin Helsdon, Elizabeth Kirshtein and Elizabeth Browning. 

The Temple of Heads is the first instalment of Holiday Dorastor, a look at interesting places in Dorastor.

This RuneQuest Glorantha supplement is a companion piece to Secrets of Dorastor and contains writeups of the Temple itself, 14 new Monsters, 8 new Spirit magic spells, 9 new

Runemagic spells, 6 new Sorcery Spells, 8 new Magic Items, 4 Scenarios, 1 HeroQuest and many Scenario Hooks scattered around.

So, come stay at the Horned Skull Inn and marvel at the Temple of Heads.

You might end up with less than you had when you arrived!

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The first review, from a certain Ambassador, 5* from Nick B:
Holiday Glorantha: The Temple of Heads is an exquisitely-detailed Thanatari temple complex in Dorastor, Land of Doom, taking adventurers from the relative safety of the Horned Skull Inn to the Tunnels of Doom far below. As you'd expect, there are dungeon complexes, Rune-level leaders and their henchlings, new monsters, magic items, spells, cults, sorcery... plus four short scenarios and innumerable adventure hooks. There are traditionally grotesque writeups for four Thanatar Rune Masters – head-hunting book-nerds engaged in institutional rivalries that make Oxbridge look tame – plus more than a dozen colourful locals. This is the first in a projected Holiday Dorastor series, expanding on the iconic locations of Glorantha's nastiest Chaos Nest. If you liked RQ3's Dorastor: Land of Doom and Simon Phipp's Secrets of Dorastor, this will be right up your alley.
Pages: prologue (1), history (1), locations (28), inhabitants (40), cults & magic (9), magic items (4), bestiary (9), encounters (5); scenarios (44), covers (2), credits/ToC (1), adverts (3), full contents (4)
Characters: RQG adventurers approaching or at Rune level.
Setting: the Temple of Heads, in Dorastor.
Complexity: medium: the four scenarios are in-and-out missions (Escort Duty, Rescue for Ransom, Vaults of the Library and Hallan the Bright), which can be expanded with many scenario hooks.
Quote: “They will, of course, be attacked by the Feces Monster, if only because it is gross and funny.”
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Another 5* Review for Holiday Dorastor: The Temple of Heads, making five 5* Ratings so far, thanks John B.

Very good indeed. I'm going to find it difficult to add anything to Nick Brooke's review but this supplement seems to have everything: Enemy characters and their supporting cast, monsters, spells, magic items, scenarios, quests, plot hooks, you name it. I liked the encounter tables and the In & Out nature of the scenarios fit well with my intention of having my players raid this place over and over until they burn it out and sprinkle holy water on the trampled ashes.

I really liked the idea of the cult of Vivamort in Dorastor being entangled in an adversarial relationship with the Thanatari; that means that just about any interaction with the Temple of Heads has the potential of having three or more corners and open conflict would mean that all hell could break loose. Quite literally.

Highly recommended. I can't wait to see the next vacation spot in Holiday Dorastor!

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