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Will Coming Storm/Eleven Lights be reprinted?

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By the time I had money set aside for these two books, only Coming Storm was still available in the US. I'd love to get a copy of Eleven Lights -- but not at eBay prices?

Will these books be available again in print some time in the future?

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Chaosium have said previously they are planning on rebranding all HeorQuest books

MOB said it in this post (near the bottom in the What's next section)

and Rick confirmed they were rebranding books again in this topic. Technically it was on Kingdom of Heroes and Sartar Companion but should be applicable.


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"HeroQuest" is going back to Milton Bradley for their adventure-themed boardgame.

Chaosium's HQ is being rebranded as "QuestWorlds" (QW), with Glorantha as just one setting for the game.

I think Chaosium could do MUCH worse than updating CS/11L for the QW line, but I don't think any final decision on this has been made.

Except -- it won't be a straight-up "reprint."  It can't be:  HQ, as a game-name, is legally for the MB product, going forward.  Chaosium AT LEAST needs to edit & remaster the content to eliminate what has become a (c)-infringing use in the books

And then... well, the QW mechanics are a new edition, so it makes sense to run through the books to update the mechanics in a bunch of subtle ways.

So... all-new editions would be the way to go, *IF* it happens.  As I said though -- they could do worse!

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21 hours ago, creativehum said:

I think we can assume that any "reprinting" of the books assumes the trademarked name and branding will be changed.

The only question I had was whether the material would be in a printed book again.

I think that would only happen after (or perhaps part of?) the Glorantha genre-pack for QW... I honestly cannot see Chaosium releasing the new edition of the game, and then re-releasing an older supplement for the older edition.

As I said, though:  I think QW a version of CS/11L would be a pretty nifty thing (and this might be where the long-rumored 3rd volume of the set comes out)...

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On 5/24/2021 at 2:54 PM, creativehum said:

I think we are talking past each other.

But I am happy to wait from official word from Chaosium.

Reprinting Eleven Light will either happen or it won’t.

We will rebrand the books and get them back into print.

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On 5/26/2021 at 4:26 AM, Rick Meints said:

We will rebrand the books and get them back into print.

Will they be "slightly corrected" to fit into the RQG canon?

It would be nice to have every book from CHA 4025 onward 100% canonical books.

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2 hours ago, AndreJarosch said:

Will they be "slightly corrected" to fit into the RQG canon?

I only care about canon to the degree that “Is this idea interesting to me?” — but out of curiosity what might some of these corrections be?

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10 hours ago, AndrewTBP said:

My FLGS, Games Paradise in Sydney Australia, has both The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights on the shelf in hardback. One of each as of this morning 2021-06-15 Sydney time. 

Thank you for that. 

I'm in the US... and the US warehouses ran out of the books well before everyone else.

The website doesn't have full stock online, so I can't see if it is still there and what shipping would be, so I'm not sure shipping from Australia will be worth it.

But thank you sincerely for the tip!

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