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Time to Republish Dorastor

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The Hardcopy and Bundle for Secrets of Dorastor are now live.

The Eagle-Eyed amongst you might have noticed that there is not a discount for the hardcopy if you have previously bought the PDF. This is intentional, to reduce the impact on DTRPG Customer Services.

However, because I am a nice GM and you rolled 01 on your Bargain skill, or I rolled 100, if you send me a screenshot (soltakss@yahoo.com) showing that you have previously bought the PDF and have also bought the Hardcopy, or have bought the Hardcopy and PDF Bundle, I will send you a $10 Gift Certificate to your DTRPG account. This, of course, comes with some Terms and conditions:

  • Only 1 Discount per Order
  • Screenshots have to be complete enough to show the two orders
  • You need to tell me the Email Address that you used for your DTRPG Order
  • If this is abused, I will discontinue the offer

So, if I have 10 sales after the hardcopy has gone live and receive 20 emails saying that people have bought the hardcopy I will make some checks and suspend the offer. I might even send Wally after you ...


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