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Boss Level


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If 'Tron' and every sub-par straight-to-video action movie you've ever seen had an unholy love child, 'Boss Level' is it.

And it's hysterical. Totally not kidding. My black-humored sarcastic butt has been laughing like a schoolgirl for the last two hours.

Ok, ok, I get it. We're all looking forward to 'Free Guy' with Ryan Reynolds too, but until then give Boss Level on Hulu a try.

It's got a great sense of humor [about itself and everything else], knows how to play the meme game [an evil corporation named 'Dynow'... as in 'die-now'], and throws a significant amount of respectful shade at all the tropes. If this flick was in a theater, I'd ignore it [Frank Grillo is not one of my go to actors by any stretch], but it's on my streaming service and I haven't laughed this much since Dandelion got kicked in the balls...

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