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RL Arthurian Organizations: Request For Resources / Leads

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Hail all, well met. I find myself on the quest for materials on various Arthurian publications and interest groups, and since this is where much of the world's expertise in that field is gathered, I thought I'd ask.

There have been several Camelot recreation organizations, most flourishing in the U.S. around World War I as alternatives to what becomes modern scouting designed to provide moral education. There have also been at least a few more sophisticated groups for adult members, largely with an "esoteric" or academic orientation. These groups tend to be even more poorly documented than the first type.

I'm looking for pointers on organizations like these, especially if they aren't on my radar yet. I've mostly got the Internet covered. Happy to share materials and leads I uncover if you will do the same.

* The Knights of King Arthur / Yeomen of King Arthur / Brotherhood of David
* The Queens of Avallon / Avilion
* The Order of Sir Galahad
* Knighthood of Youth
* The Knights of the Holy Grail
* The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry
* The Pendragon Society
* The Dragon Society

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I can point you towards some folk from the Oxford Arthurian Society (founded in the mid-eighties, petered out in the late nineties I think). Would that help? We were notionally academic, with guest speakers and banquets and lashings of ginger beer mulled wine.

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