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Tonight on Unsolved Arkati Mysteries: The Unbreakable Sword (... or was it?)

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23 hours ago, David Scott said:

The general story is that simply left Dorastor and lived on a farm for 50 years, with his Archons running the proto-empire. See GtG 374.

You are assuming I haven't.  According to Greg and others, Arkat didn't like to be bothered, and this led to most of his higher ups effectively acting as his "screening secretaries", but they did a pretty good job of keeping the issues of the empire out of Arkat's hair, hence "benign neglect".

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The Unbreakable Sword is like Chekhov's Gun. You don't introduce an Unbreakable Sword into a story if you aren't going to break it in the third act.

Well perhaps the Unbreakable Sword was unbreakable only because it hadn't yet fullfilled its destiny, which was to kill Gbaji, so that's why it broke down in pieces right afterwards. The Sword was the

literally this is not only hilarious but incredibly accurate, if you were a player who showed up with Unbreakable Sword on your character sheet you'd be telling me what kinds of conflicts you wanted t

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