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OpenQuest Furnace edition now available!

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Tidied up and expanded, includes new errata + 16 new pages (a new adventure and optional rules).

Buy a copy or download the free update pdf and/or download the free Errata Pdf to update your OpenQuest experience !

Buy a copy from Lulu.com £12 print/£6 Pdf

Download the free update Pdf

Download the errata Pdf

OpenQuest is a complete and easy to play Fantasy Roleplaying game, with monsters, magic and exotic locales. OpenQuest uses the classic D100 rules mechanic, which uses percentages to express the chance of success or failure.

Open Quest is based on the Mongoose RuneQuest SRD (MRQ SRD), with ideas from previous editions of Chaosium’s RuneQuest and Stormbringer 5th, mixed in with some common sense house rulings from the author’s twenty years of experience with the D100 system.

OpenQuest is OPEN!

Everything in the core OpenQuest rule book, except the illustrations by Simon Bray, is open gaming content under the Open Gaming Licence.

This means that you can use all or part of the book to produce your own games, rules, adventures even for commercial release as long as you include the Open Gaming Licence included in the back of the book.

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