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Holy Days for Chaotic Cults

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2 hours ago, Godlearner said:

Do Chaos cults such as Primal Chaos, Puchango, Krarsht, Krjalk, Seseine and Urain have Holy Days? When? Asking for a friend.

Primal Chaos "Worship occurs on any day of the year, begun either at sunrise or sundown." Cults of Terror p25.

Krarsht "The cult deliberately aligned its ceremonial days to conflict with those of the Storm Bull. Thus its holy days are during Stasis week of each season: on Freezeday in Sea-season, on Waterday in Fire-season, on Clayday in Earth-season, on Windsday in Dark-season, and Fireday in Storm-season.
The cult high holy day for the year also is Wildday, Stasis week, Storm-season.
" Cults of Terror p78

Krjalk "There are no days particularly holy to Krjalk." Lords of Terror p58

Pocharngo: "Holy Days are impulsively determined by the priest, who notifies the cultists of the next worship service at their discretion.  This is usually once per season.  Services are held in different locations each time, selected by the priest.  There was once a high holy day for the cult, but it changed and so was lost." Lords of Terror p66

The reasoning for Krarsht's holy days doesn't really make a lot of sense to me and I think the writer got hung-up on Krarsht being the anti-Storm Bull.  

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I like the idea of Urain not being chaotic, just being a natural extension of Storm's ultra-violent tendencies. I think King of Sartar gives Urain's origin as Orlanth being in a really bad mood and having a pounding headache, so he throws it off and creates Urain.


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50 minutes ago, soltakss said:

I like the idea of Urain not being chaotic, just being a natural extension of Storm's ultra-violent tendencies.

I think it's both. On the one hand, it really is just excessive battle fury and violent black moods. On the other, since it might mean you may have to put down a kinsman like a rabid dog, it causes Chaos. It becomes Chaotic when it goes overboard this way.

Urain might not be a "proper" god, just a name for the phenomenon.

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3 hours ago, Akhôrahil said:

What I really wonder is what they do at Sacred Time.

Revel in joyous abandon at their freedom, and then invade everyone else's ceremonies.  Until they are once again bound within the Cosmic Web...

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