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Unified Manor Improvement Chart

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4 minutes ago, SirUkpyr said:

Morien, didn't you also have a list that included both Book of Estate + Book of Manor in it?

Uh... not that I recall? I mean, I may have downloaded someone else's at some point, but the one I use is basically a re-balanced BotM with a couple of homebrew things thrown in.

I was trying to move the campaign to BotE steady income investments, but the Players said that they liked the variable income, so...

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Just a reminder about posting files, making stuff to refer to in your games and distributing it to your players is fine, but as soon as you put it on a public server such as this or a public discord server:

Copyright and trademark laws protect our property, and mean that people are generally prohibited from using our logos, images, or other trademarks or copyrighted content without our consent. This Fan Material Policy grants you permission to use some of our intellectual property under certain circumstances.

  • Please include the fan policy statement
  • Please acknowledge other people's work if it contains such
  • From Chaosium publications: You may occasionally quote small sections of text, as long as you make clear where the text is from. By “small sections” we mean up to a sentence or two. so please don't post whole pages of material.
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