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Who are the gods on the cover on the rules?

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I think they're more adventurers from the book.

From memory:

  • Argrath is Orlanth (at a guess)
  • Vasana is Vinga
  • Yanioth is Ernalda
  • Harmast is Humakt
  • Vishi Dunn is Kolat
  • Vostor is 3
  • Sorala is 2

I'd have to pull the book out to have a stab at the others...

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There is an older version without Vasana's party, featuring more stock Orlanthi elite fighters and magicians. The host is supposed to represent the Storm Brothers, I think, without all the charming subcultitis identities that Hero Wars brought to us.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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They are indeed the adventurers, and I imagine intended to convey precisely the kind of characters your players can play. My (dumbest) theory is that they are all deceased in that image, and they, along with countless other dead warriors, are following the dead King Broyan as he descends from a storm, leading the Army of Dead Heroes in the Battle of Dwernapple.

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