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Battle of Queens

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I am shortly running the battle of the queens in my campaign.

Digging around old threads, there's quite a bit covered by the community for this.

So, in case any else is planning to run it soon, I thought I would reincarnate these threads.  And indeed, if I’m missing any nuggets, I’m always grateful for pointers!  Or, if Jeff has any updates…

Jeff’s post is very helpful:

As is Jajagappa’s (the penultimate post):

And Arcadiagt5's preparation thread, and lessons learned:

And print sources are the Glorantha Sourcebook p.41-42 and in the RQG core rules p.138 (from Vasana’s Saga).  
And there’s a little bit in the Jonstown Compendium title, The Duel at Dangerford.

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