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Return of Godtime?


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5 minutes ago, coffeemancer said:

why do I need life when I cant be dead?

Because without Breath and Air you are merely an empty shell.

Before Umath, all were just empty shells. all the ancient Gods and all the people were just hollow shells going about their business. when Umath appeared and took his first breath, he energised everyone and gave them air with which to breathe. All the ancient Gods were invigorated and could achieve so much more.

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1 hour ago, EricW said:

If the dwarfs were responsible for the sun stop, does this mean there is a dwarf somewhere who knows the spell “stop time”?

Just have to pull the lever and try a few buttons, or move the hands on the great clock forward. 

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On 7/12/2021 at 3:22 PM, Sir_Godspeed said:

It's also thematically likely that the Mostali plans to return to the God Time are, in fact, utterly impossible.

This is Glorantha.  All attempts to make major changes to the world just end up causing mass death, so yes.

Heroes have the power to change the world but if they use that power, they only break it more.


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Footage has been found that proves dwarven meddling caused the Sunstop!



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Hmm, I think the god time is exactly where it’s always been. That’s why people can HeroQuest to it. It’s why crops grow, the sun rises and sets, children are born and people die. Time and mortality are just another perspective, another way of experiencing these things.

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