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Tell me about Elmal and Yelmalio

Eagle Talon

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11 hours ago, Jeff said:

Who guards a Sartarite village when the militia leaves? It depends!

Sounds pretty reasonable to me聽馃槑. You defend with who you have, so if it was always Elmal/Yelmalio聽that would be a problem聽if you didn't have an Elmali/Yelmalian around. But I think Defending X is a pretty common scenario in a Glorantha roleplaying campaign and so having a range of myths/heroquests to do that聽is all for the good? And personally I much prefer reading people's new myths about Yelmalio (or writing them) than see another 10 page discussion about why Elmal should still be a major player - YMMV.

Is there anything else about the Eternal Ring?聽There's a tiny bit in the Book of Heortling Mythology, but the main effect seems to be more to allow Orlanth to summon his Eternal Ring to fight for him, rather than defending the stead at home.聽

Of course, anyone can defend the stead, even Chalana Arroy will if needs be (though probably in terms of fleeing or hiding). Our current Chalana Arroy High Priestess of the Jonstown Temple that my character is adventuring with,聽would definitely find a way to save the village.

So adding to the list with some possible聽defenders:

  • Vinga saves the Village with both cleverness and bravery
  • Babeester Gor saves the village, crimson becomes the new seasons colour
  • Maran Gor saves the village, pity we had to destroy the village to save it
  • Issaries saves the village, but it cost us a lot and somehow he was able to afford a new cloak next season
  • Lhankor Mhy saves the village with his cunning plans, now he keeps explaining how brilliant his plan was in such excruciating detail that we sometimes wish he hadn't.

PS. Yanafal Tarnils may not have a catch, but when Etyries arrives to collect the debt, you'll see the catch then聽馃槇

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17 hours ago, radmonger said:

Eurmal聽saves the village, unless聽it would be funnier if they didn't,

Eurmal's Frankie Howerd aspect.

"I must save the village!"
<comedic beat, turns to another camera, lowers voice and scowls lecherously and/or avariciously>
"... for meself!"

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13 hours ago, Jeff said:

In many, maybe most, versions of the Lightbringers聽story now told, Orlanth appoints nobody. In others, he named a chieftain (not necessarily Yelmalio or Elmal - could be a grandson of Vingkot [...]

If it's聽Bibidos, that's interestingly suggestive of a possible segue into another myth...

(Don't worry all, I'm not about to try to do a Godtimeline reconciliation of the King List and the mythology...)

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